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The listing refers to many nobles and their castles, including genealogical details which have not been found elsewhere, but names only four counties in the kingdom: Sanseverino, Marsico, Caserta and Apice.

The counties set out in this document are grouped by present-day Italian region.

It is noteworthy that the primary sources so far consulted do not mention any counts who were installed on the island of Sicily itself, the territories established on the Italian mainland presumably being less challenging to maintain.

Two comprehensive documents provide an effective census of nobility in the kingdom of Sicily for the mid-12th and mid-13th centuries.

The Catalogus records fiefholders in the following named duchies, counties and principalities within the Sicilian kingdom: "ducatus Apuliterr Baricomitatus Gravincomitatus Andricomitatu Cupersaniprincipatu Tarenticomitatus Montis Caveosicomitatus Liciicomitatus Civitatiscomitatu Loritellicomitatus Casertcomitatus Fundanus Domini di Aquinocomitatu Simonis comitis de Sangro".

Other counties which were known before the mid-12th century are also referred to by name, but not as counties, for example Avellino, Marsico and Aversa.

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Existing Norman families who supported King Federigo (the future Emperor Friedrich II) retained their positions, but dissatisfaction with the new rulers triggered rebellions and confiscation of their properties which followed the suppression of the revolts, for example the case of the Conti di Sanseverino.

In addition, a large number of references have been found to nobles in southern Italy which have not yet been allocated geographically.

They are set out in Chapter 6 of the present document.

Despite access to many sources, it has proved difficult to reconstitute many of these noble Norman families for more than a couple of generations.

Nor has much information been found on the precise origins of the Norman counts who settled in southern Italy.

I am grateful to Paolo Rossi's work in helping to establish the geographical allocation of these counties The present-day Italian region of Basilicata is located north of Calabria and the south of Puglia [Apulia].

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